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The goal of Shiloh House Recovery Program is to provide comprehensive, intensive, residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Shiloh House is dedicated to providing quality care to all of our clients.

one day at a time 

All things can be done through Christ

Shiloh House seeks to provide a stable living environment to men as they work to build a foundation in the redemption of Christ. He will be given instruction in positive interaction in a community setting, developing and enhancing positive self esteem and social skills, and re-entering the work force. 

help is here when you are ready 

Shiloh House

Let us help you learn how to live clean. One day at a time!

Rebecca L. Callahan


Program Director At Shiloh House

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Goals At Shiloh house

Daniel Callahan

Assistant Director

Shiloh House.

Keith Darby

Residential House Manager

Shiloh House

Shiloh House for men located in Cleveland Georgia is a halfway house dedicated to those suffering from the ravages of addiction needing assistance developing a spiritual walk with Christ while focusing on an abstinence based lifestyle and support as they transition back to society.

Shiloh House is based on practices that encompass 12 step and faith based groups. Our program provides housing, group and individual counseling, outside meetings and church. In addition each resident much obtain employment in the community.